Frequently Asked Questions
Some of the most common questions about EcoEnchants

How can I give players enchantments?

EcoEnchants integrates with Essentials or CMI so you can just use /enchant to apply the enchantments. It also works with kits, /give, and any other feature that interacts with enchantments. All the enchantments can be obtained through Enchanting Tables, Villagers, and even chests in Strongholds, End Cities, Pyramids, etc.

How do I disable an enchantment?

If you want to disable an enchantment, add a key to the enchantment config file. For more information about this, go to Enchantment Settings.

Can I make some enchantments only available to certain players?

Absolutely, yes. You can read more about this in Permissions.

Can I make my own enchantments?

Sure! Go to Extensions if you want to learn how to do that.

I want to suggest a feature or make a bug report. Where do I put it?

Join the discord here: Support Discord. Everyone's very happy to help you with any questions or problems that you have.
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