A simple explanation of how to use the commands

If you skipped the previous section on commands, permissions for commands are listed there.

Enchantment Permissions

Want to make an enchantment only available through an enchanting table for certain players? This might seem a bit confusing at first, but it's extremely simple.

All enchantments have a name used by permissions and config files. This is just the enchantment key with underscores removed, eg: Curse of Hunger has the key hunger_curse, and the permission hungercurse. Similarly, Water Artifact has the key water_artifact and the permission waterartifact.

So how do I actually do this?

The permission to make an enchantment available from an enchanting table is this:

ecoenchants.fromtable.<permission name>

All enchantments are available by default, with all users having this permission by default:



Want to give certain ranks an advantage? There are 4 permissions that can reduce spell cooldown times.

Reduce cooldown by 25% - ecoenchants.cooldowntime.75

Reduce cooldown by half - ecoenchants.cooldowntime.half

Reduce cooldown 3x - ecoenchants.cooldowntime.third

Reduce cooldown 4x - ecoenchants.cooldowntime.quarter

Random Enchantment

Give your held item a random enchantment




If you have a hard cap set up, players will not be able to bypass it by default. This can be changed by giving certain players this permission: